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Welcome to my toy box. Here you will find interesting details about me and the universe. There will also be some hotlinks to other useful sites as well as some of the usual trivia. Born 1967 and traveled around in my youth until I wound up in South Africa, later some more in Europe and elsewhere. To get an idea of my interests just follow the links from this page.

I will be traveling again from 7th August to 25th August 1999 in the UK. You can see some more details on my travel page.

Where to go from here

Anouncing the availability of the Purple Project GPS Connectors.

Please go here for details.

How to reach me

Use any of the following means.
Internet electronic mail

CCITT Group 3 facsimile
+27 (11) 402-7751

Regular post
Kalle Pihlajasaari
P O Box 15775
2028 South Africa

This server jitters near
S2611.7110' . . . E02803.5871'

Monitor checker courtesy of Sullivan's Online Scanning Resources

Background made with Fractint, LView and Sirds, haven't got it quite to my liking yet.

Just once will do.

Data Books Here is my first (semi)successful grabbed video camera image.
Stats: 775 Non-maintenance hits for 1996 Stats: ? Non-maintenance hits for 1997
Stats: ? Non-maintenance hits for 1998
Stats: ? Non-maintenance hits for 1999

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