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Get your operation onto the web.

We assist individuals and small businesses to gain a presence on the web. We are able to offer domain, web and email hosting, web site and Zen Cart development and general internet consulting at reasonable rates. We can recommend on what would serve your needs and do not try and sell you more than you want. Often a company simply needs to get their own domain registered for email and a basic web site developed so that interested parties can locate them when searching for them by name. More elaborate web sites can be created to allow for improved searching on industry search terms by creating a site with additional information content.

Managing an e-Shop on the internet can be a costly exercise unless one can delegate man hours to do it in-house. We can offer a reasonable alternative with preparation of a Zen Cart Shopping site to work with your new or existing web site, utilizing your choice of payment means and product mix. The site is set up so that your in-house staff will be trained to manage the day to day operations of filling orders as well as adding and modifying products. Part of our service is to hold your hand while you get going. The skills required to update products are much less than those required to prepare a Shopping Cart site.

Here is a sample of the web sites that we have created, managed or hosted.


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