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Welcome to Idyllic Press

We print letterpress.

We make use of time tested and established techniques to offer you a complete service. We do letter press printing on small runs to customer specifications and also print our own ephemera just to keep the presses working. We often print promotional material for other members in the IP Hub as a means of promoting letterpress work in general.
We mostly use type slugs cast on a Ludlow and an Intertype and sometimes hand set foundry type.

For most of our small run printing and die cutting we make use of AdanA table top presses. We do have access to a Vandercook cylinder press for larger jobs and also to a Heidelberg windmill for larger volumes and many-up numbering and perforating jobs. We can also offer basic pad binding service if required for invoice books and prescription pads.

Please contact us with your requirements so we can determine the best way to proceed. If we do not have the capacity or experience to personally assist you we will gladly help you locate alternate letterpress printers who can. If jobs are not suitable or cost effective for letterpress we can suggest Offset litho printers for some jobs and Hot-foil providers for book covers and promotional items.



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