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Here is a place to trade ideas.

One of the key things about using ideas to create wealth is to make use of what you have. This may seem trite but many of us forget that we have idle skills and recourses that could easily be converted to recurring income. Often times we may have intimate knowledge of fields that we have worked in previously or tools left over from previous projects and trades. These can be used to select avenues to make money or even sold off to get rid of clutter and financing appropriate tools for the current needs.

For many it seems imperative that they spend many hours on a weekend jacked into the babble box and then bemoan their fate. Time is one of those resources that everyone has the same amount of, the rich and poor, the famous and genius, it is how we use time that often determines how we get on in life, it is something that should no be squandered. The only way to get more time is to delegate but this needs to be done very effectively or we my find we just consume more than we gain.

We have to change our mind set before things will change. There is spoken of a comfort zone and this is the evil that we know verses the evil we don't, for most no further investigation is desired. It is interesting to note that someone else somewhere out there has overcome much worse obstacles that we ever will have to and usually done it with less complaint. We are often our worst enemies and as such need to put ourselves under close scrutiny and surveillance so that we cannot cause our own destruction.

Offer value to others and you will get value in return.

The ideas described and listed on this site are in the public domain. That said they are not all intended to be taken and used as ones own without compensation. The policy of this site is that any ideas that you use for your own personal use are free. If you use an idea to make money it is only fair that you share the money. If an idea was submitted by someone and their identity is known to the Idea Pool then it is only fair that they get some of the money. If the submitter chooses not to accept money then money may be sent to the Idea Pool to help pay for site maintenance, to a charity of your choice or you may Pay it Forward any way you like (there is a book and movie by that name that will give you ideas). The amount that an idea is worth if impossible to quantify, some people avoid making payment because they cannot decide how much, to ease this debate and keep things really simple, ideas on this site have a basic value attached to them. The commercial value of an idea is calculated as follows: Value is 5% of the nett profits after using it for one year. That's it. If you have high profits, sales or ticket price, then the value is high. If you keep using the idea after a year then you are to be applauded. Payments for the idea can be made at any time or in any way, it works on an honor system, most cases four quarterly payments seem to work out

Some commercial ideas that are only available on application, and are indicated as such, they have a slightly different pricing structure and are intended for serious commercial implementation and have high expectations of profit in the correct hands. They are priced at 10% of nett profits over reasonable projected sales over one year, half paid in advance, the adjusted balance at the end of the year.

One thing to remember is that many ideas have been patented. Many more have had their patents lapse and are available for public use. As this is not a site in any way affiliated with patent attorneys the ideas here have not been scrutinized for patent infringement possibilities. It is up to the user to make good faith determinations if there seems to be a possibility that a patent infringement may exist before basing business models on the use of such ideas. Should we be aware of any patent issues with an idea we will indicate them, sometimes patents are a good thing as licensing of patents gives you the benefit of the patent protection from your competitors and licence fees may be reasonable. Also it needs to be mentioned that many ideas cannot be patented as they are obvious to someone versed in the art and even though a patent may have been applied for or granted it has no true legal value if contested (though may be expensive to prove). Similarly many patent ideas, especially those in South Africa, are granted without exhaustive searches and may in fact have been published in research journals or been patented elsewhere and would be void on prior art grounds. One other side benefit of novel ideas on this site is that they can not be patented after the date they first were published.

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