IP Hub - History

IP Hub History

The IP Hub has it's roots in a electronic design consultancy that was started in 1993 and incorporated as Interface Products (Pty) Ltd. in 1994

Internet Provider was a sideline that did not have a name until recently and develops basic web sites and configures Zen Cart shopping sites. The main aim is to empower people and small enterprise onto the web who would otherwise not have access to it but could gain useful exposure with a basic web presence or shop front. We have been crafting our own websites since 1995 and doing work for others for almost as long. The focus is on lean and standards compliant web sites that will work predictably across all platforms.

Dog Tag Services is a preeminent supplier of deep debossed stainless steel DogTags in the tradition of the US military. It came about after a Graphotype machine was spotted in an antique shop, this 30 to 60 year old machine was sitting idle waiting for a new lease of life and a decision was made to refurbish the machine and source genuine American id tag consumables. This is a perfect niche market in the style of the IP Hub.

Idea Pool has been a long time coming. Many people have a sense that ideas will happen when the time is ripe for them. Idea Pool is the way to help those ideas into the world that are ripe. It is a waste for ideas to get lost or sidelined just because the recipients of those ideas do not have the oportunity to take advantage. Such ideas should be put into the public domain or at least distributed to advantage. The time for Idea Pool is now and it is there to distribute other ideas.

Idyllic Press is a small printing operation (very small at the moment) that will do letterpress printing of interesting and beautiful works on a small scale. It is the proud owner of a vintage AdanA Quarto-Hand table top press about a 7" x 9" chase. Much experimentation and trials still need to be done before prime time. The reason for the operation is the attempt to utilize and preserve some of the the fine earlier creative means of expression that the computer age is driving out from the social consciousness. The need is for people to recall that not everything needs electricity to run or has to be ready the next day, some things gain from being hand crafted.

Interface Products was incorporated as a shell company to manage the tax affairs for electronic design consultation. It subsequently offered WAN integration and network support skills for a small Internet Service Provider that was operated in the days when it was leading edge and lots of fun. It As a result of supplying the POP connectors and developing a GPS + GSM vehicle locator before it was trendy to do so it moved into the retail of Garmin GPS receivers and after market accessories. The electronic design work has been mostly in the communications and real-world interfacing fields. Many products were developed with a focus on data and video communications over optical fibre as well as synchronous and multi-drop platforms for access control. It has since deregistered as the GPS retail industry has become a consumer marketing activity instead of a technical field and we have little enthusiasm for competing with hiking goods outlets. Interface Products now offers electronic design consultation and product development support and still sells some of the third party GPS cables.

Book Reviews is a way to help people make useful purchasing choices when it comes to books. The main focus is to be on non-fiction works but other popular topics mill receive some attention.

The IP Hub Web Shop is a logical outgrowth of the earlier SirPlus for sale page and a consolidation of the various marketing sites in the IP Hub into one convenient location. It is also going to host items for sale from some of the Friends of IP to help them clear out their clutter as well.



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